The Beginning iOS Development Workshop

I’ve had this idea floating in my head for a while. How about running some iOS developer training here in Stockholm, to help newcomers get up to speed with Objective-C, Xcode, and the iOS SDK? This sort of thing has been done successfully in other parts of Europe and in the U.S., but really hasn’t been tried much here as far as I know. In my career, I’ve done my fair share of training and mentoring for consulting customers, but not much that’s been open to the public. Well, the time has come to change that. Next month, from the 22nd to the 24th of February, I’ll be hosting the first-ever Beginning iOS Development Workshop here in Stockholm. Actually just a bit outside the city, in lovely Norrtälje. In this three-day workshop, I’ll show newcomers how to use these technologies to get started building their own apps.

Note that this is not intended for people who are new to software development. I’ll expect all attendees to have professional knowledge of object-oriented development in one or more languages, so we won’t get bogged down in details about “what programming is”. If you’ve got experience in Java, C#, Ruby, Python, or even C++, you will be well equipped for this course.

For more details, see the workshop page, and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you there!