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Anyone who knew me as a teenager or young adult is likely to remember that music was a big part of my life back then. I was constantly joining or forming bands, writing songs, and playing in front of people as often as I could manage to find gigs.

iOS Text Kit Basics

(reposted from Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots, where it originally appeared May 30, 2014)

In the iOS 7 SDK, Apple gave developers programmatic access to Text Kit, an advanced text layout system that lets you easily display and edit rich text in your applications. Although these capabilities are new to iOS, they’ve existed in other contexts (OS X since its first release, and OpenStep before that) for nearly two decades, in what’s called the Cocoa text system. In fact, if you’ve used OS X at all, there is a near 100% chance that you’ve run apps built with the Cocoa text system.

iOS Code Review: Loose Guidelines

(reposted from Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots, where it originally appeared February 19, 2014)

From time to time I’ve been asked to do an independent code review, to determine the overall health of a client’s code base. Unlike a code walkthrough, where someone familiar with the code shows the main components, this is a code review where an outside expert examines the project, takes copious amounts of notes, and reports back either in written form or in a meeting with the team, depending on what the client wants.

Another Workshop

The time has come to once again for the Beginning iOS Development Workshop. This time it’s actually in central Stockholm instead of out in Norrtälje, so those of you who don’t want to ride that bus are in luck!

It takes place September 18-20. Details are here. I hope to see you there!

Hej Då Toca Boca, Hello Thoughtbot

After two and a half years, the time has come for me to move on. I’m proud to have been a part of Toca Boca’s infancy, and working on some of the greatest kids’ apps the world has ever seen has been fantastic fun, but a few months ago I decided to move on, and today was my final work day at Toca Boca.

I’ve had plenty of job offers during my time at Toca Boca, so what’s the new shiny that finally caught my eye and pulled me away? None other than thoughtbot, whose work I’ve admired for years. They’ve built a solid reputation in the Ruby world, and are expanding their repertoire to include native iOS development, which is where I fit in. My long history with iOS technologies, along with the books and training I’ve been doing for several years, seem to be a good fit for where thoughtbot is going, and the new office in Stockholm is right where I want to be. The team has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m looking forward to working with this extremely bright, hardworking crew!

So, anyone who needs some iOS app development services in Stockholm, or anywhere else for that matter: Get in touch!

Another iOS Development Workshop

I should point out that I’m running another iOS Development Workshop next week. The third one since I started doing this as “a real thing”! Pretty excited about this, it’s a lot of fun for me and educational (I hope!) for my students. There’s still time to sign up, just barely.

Could Core Data Be a Little More Concise?

At the latest Beginning iOS Dev Workshop this September, I was showing my students some Core Data by walking through the template application that Xcode gives you if you create a new master-detail Core-Data-backed iOS application. If you haven’t done so yourself, you should check it out, because it presents a pretty nice way of constructing a pair of view controllers that give the user access to a list of Core Data objects.

The Beginning iOS Development Workshop

I’ve had this idea floating in my head for a while. How about running some iOS developer training here in Stockholm, to help newcomers get up to speed with Objective-C, Xcode, and the iOS SDK? This sort of thing has been done successfully in other parts of Europe and in the U.S., but really hasn’t been tried much here as far as I know.

Beginning iOS 5 Development

I’m pleased to announce that Beginning iOS 5 Development has made its way into the world. The text was completed in November, the ebook was released just before Christmas, and the print book should be shipping any day now.

This book is the latest edition of what was previously known as Beginning iPhone X Development, where most of those X values were in sync with the latest released iPhone at the time of writing.