Nordic Mobile Developers Summit

Spent all day yesterday at the Nordic Mobile Developers Summit, where I gave a talk on developing iPhone/iPad apps, a lightning demo of how some of the dev tools work, and took part in some panel discussions and Q&A.

Several of the other speakers and panelists are people who are more deeply involved in the handset manufacturers’ side of things, including representatives from Microsoft, Nokia, and SonyEricsson. I assume the organizers tried to bring in someone from Apple, but it seems that Apple doesn’t really do that sort of thing much, at least not here in Stockholm; So they got me!

I had a great time, and met lots of interesting people during the breaks, and got some new perspectives on what the “other side” of the smartphone industry is doing. And let’s be clear, by “other side” I really mean “losing side”. It’s not often that my technology of choice is so clearly on top of the world the way that iPhone and iPad are right now, so I won’t hesitate to rub that in when I can! I also couldn’t help but make some unnecessary jabs at Microsoft during my talk. As if it matters what I think about Microsoft! Ha ha.

Anyway. A few people were asking yesterday if my slides would be up anywhere. I know that everyone’s slides were gathered, but I don’t know when or where the NMDS people will put them all up, so here are mine, both in the original Keynote format for modern Mac and iPad people, and PDF for everyone else.

Keynote version (Contains amazing animation on one slide! You have been warned!)

PDF version