Learn Cocoa: As good as done

My wife just pointed out that I haven’t blogged at all since last August! But, I have a good excuse: I’ve been writing Learn Cocoa on the Mac. And to top things off, I’m basically done! The book itself isn’t yet in print (though it will be soon), but as of a couple of days ago, the actual writing is done; All chapters are complete, all the screenshots are in place, and it’s all passed off to copy editors and layout people and whatnot (the parts of the publishing process that I really don’t know anything about). All that’s left for me is a bit of proofreading, approving editorial changes, etc.

So, sometime in January, the book should appear on bookshelves near you! Or, if not near you, at least it’s on Amazon and elsewhere. More info when I know the exact release date.

Anyway, this has been a huge project. Lots of work, and extremely satisfying on any number of levels. And now that it’s basically done, I find that I already miss it! I guess I’ll have to go on writing.