On Writing "Learn Cocoa"

It has come to my attention that I haven’t said a word here about my current side project, which I’m spending all my spare time working on: I’m writing a book! This comes as a surprise to me as much as anyone, but there it is. Through a happy set of coincidences, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on the upcoming Apress book “”http://www.apress.com/book/view/1430218592">Learn Cocoa on the Mac" along with Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche, not to mention Mark Dalrymple doing tech review, and of course Clay Andres and the rest of the team at Apress.

This opportunity came about through a string of coincidences. Some of them hinge on things that I’ve done over time without any hope or intention of writing a book, which goes to show, perhaps, that sometimes when you reap what you sow, the harvest may be quite unexpected!

Anyway, this is a huge undertaking, and I feel like a bit of a hermit, eschewing the watching of TV and the reading of blogs in favor of the writing of pages, but I am truly having a blast.