1000 days with the softest-working band not in show business

I don’t know if it’s been exactly 1000 days, but sometime during the fall of 2007, some friends and I created Band of None. Our first 1000 days of existence have been, frankly, uneventful. The band’s members and their families have all socialized on several occasions, and in fact the Band of None new year’s eve “we should be performing at this party” discussion has become an annual tradition of its own. Our self-confidence and faith in our destined future as rock’n’roll superstars is matched only by our lack of available time to pursue our dreams. At this point, approximately 1000 days into our journey to musical stardom, I’d like to recap some of our accomplishments thus far:

As you can see, we don’t have a lot to be proud of! Be that as it may, I’d strongly encourage you to check out our website and maybe even our myspace page and listen to some of our future classics. “Hoffburger” may be the best, but “Your Myspace Page” has something going for it as well.