Excitera Mobile Cup: Ten steps to creating your first iPhone app

Last night, I spoke at an iPhone-themed event hosted by Excitera as part of their Mobile Cup, presenting some information for “iPhone-curious” developers and entrepreneurs about the iPhone development process. I gave a non-technical presentation of the series of steps/tasks that any new iPhone developer will need to go through. The slides are available <a href=“http://nuthole.com/app_store_ten_steps.pdf”.

Aaron Ardiri also presented his experiences developing his series of games, and John Chang talked about some of the things he’s dealt with working on Skype’s iPhone app as well as some insights from his previous work at Apple. There will be some video available later, I’ll post a link here when it’s up!

Big thanks to Hannes Dernehl for arranging and hosting the event, and Cristobal Viedma for asking me to be a part of it!