Scribattle in the wild

At long last, Scribattle is available! iPhone and iPod Touch users can now get it from the App Store, load it up, and start blasting away at Scri and Flingers and Pent (oh my!)

It’s been quite a journey getting this game to market. I’ve had very few programming challenges, but a number of small delays due to various technical details involved to package and “sign” the app during development, test, and distribution, and a few large delays related to how Apple implements their developer program and handles their contracts. There’s a lot of extra hassle compared to releasing desktop software, but a number of friends and colleagues assure me that the system Apple has put in place is still miles ahead of the process for most other embedded and mobile platforms, so hey. I’m not complaining (very much).

Now then, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s time to go get yourself some Scribattle. OK?