Twitter? Twucket.

Just in time for WWDC ’08, allow me to introduce you to Twucket.

Twucket is a new Twitter client for Mac OS X that I am releasing as freeware. I created Twucket because I wasn’t happy with any of the available ways to view my Twitter page. The actual twitter website is a hugely-rendered page, and requires you to go to the browser now and then to see if anything has come in; The standalone clients I tried were either wasteful of screen real estate, or didn’t fit in with the overall Mac GUI, or contained ads.

Twucket suffers from none of those problems. Its interface is minimalist and small, it behaves like a normal Mac application, and it doesn’t insert ads into the display. What it does offer is a compact, simple Twitter interface with a few features that Twitter users will probably appreciate. It uses a relatively small amount of screen real estate per message, so you can leave a small window open in a corner of your screen that is still large enough to show the latest 4 or 5 messages you’ve received.

I do have additional plans for future versions of Twucket, but today is the day for 1.0.0. If you’re a Twitter user, please give it a try and let me know what you think!