New Apple Logic Studio: Bigger but smaller

Yesterday I installed Apple’s new Logic Studio. The system I was installing it on was already crowded, with the first four Jam Packs among other things, and I only had about 11 gigs free. To top it off, the Jam Packs weren’t properly installed; I had manually copied them from an older machine, but in a slightly non-standard location, without the .pkg files etc, so the Logic Studio installer couldn’t see them and wanted to do a fresh install of the new versions included with Logic Studio.

So I figured I’d wipe out the old Jam Packs manually, and let Logic reinstall them, and hope I’d have room for all the parts of Logic I wanted. I stumbled across this thread on Apple’s support site, which mentioned that the new versions of the Jam Packs in Logic Studio now have audio saved in compressed (but lossless) format, so they’re a bit smaller. Cool!

So, I wiped out my old Jam Packs, and installed most of Logic Studio, including all software and all 5 Jam Packs, but not the new extra audio content (which as far as I can tell seems to be intended mostly for soundtrack use). After installing all that, I ended up with 17 gigs of free space! Installing the new version, with more stuff, saved me 6 gigs! Woot!