is that a mod in your pocket?

I used to be a big Palm user, keeping all my contacts and calendars in sync between my desktop machine and my handheld. Over the years though, I’ve switched almost exclusively to using a laptop instead of a desktop machine, and always have a bluetooth cellphone with all my contacts in my pocket. The final nail in my Palm’s coffin, though, was getting an iPod which took over the last regular use I had for my Palm (Bhajis Loops notwithstanding).

So now that I’ve got no Palm in my pocket, I’ve got a new problem. What do I do if I want to just jot down a name, phone number, or URL when I’m on the go? Use my cellphone keypad? Eek. Thanks to a tip from Andy Hunt, I’ve found an excellent technology: Paper! PocketMod lets you create your own personal folded notepad/calendar/whatever to carry in your pocket. Just pick what you want to have on your pages, and print. An online guide shows you how to fold and cut the paper, and off you go. Normally I never carry a pen or pencil around, but since I started using PocketMods, keeping one in the same place at home where I keep my wallet and keys, I can’t help but stick it in my pocket along with a pencil in the morning. Now I can once again capture those important yet fleeting ideas that will surely lead to fame and fortune.