three cheers for the curmudgeon!

As a child, I was often puzzled by the existence of some really lame comic strips in the newspapers. I could not for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to read strips like Gil Thorp, Rex Morgan M.D., or Mary Worth. Compared to the comics I loved best at the time, such as Bloom County and (yes, I’m man enough to admit it) Garfield, these print versions of soap operas just seemed completely useless.

Now I know the ultimate purpose of these comics: to be bitterly, hilariously mocked by The Comics Curmudgeon. This site not only pokes fun at the soap-opera-style comics mentioned above, it also highlights foolishness in Mark Trail, timeless stereotypes in Crock, and fearful grandparenting in Gasoline Alley. Go get your Josh on.