The Best. Mobile. Game. Evar.

Since back in the 80’s, this funky Welsh dude (complete with an unhealthy fascination with farmyard animals) named Jeff Minter (aka yak) has produced videogames and software toys for the platform du jour, starting with the old Commodore Vic-20 and continuing right up to the current Xbox 360. The hallmark of all his games has been extremely trippy visuals, moreso over time…

Now, one of his latest works, gridrunner++, has been ported to J2ME, which means that you (yes, you!) can run it on your cellphone! OK, not just any cellphone, but most of the middling-or-better European-market phones from the past couple years (and probably some of their American counterparts). I bought a copy here, and you should do the same. Even on the tiny screen, this thing is a dazzling display of exploding, twisting, pixel-shattery goodness. You owe it to yourself, I’m sure.