My pal <a target=“_blank” href =“”>James tipped me off to the existence of <a target=“_blank” href =“”>pandora, which lets you create your own streaming virtual radio station, continually feeding your head with music you like, often things you had never heard of and wouldn’t have guessed you would like! The way it works is that you tell pandora the names of some bands you like, and it uses that as a basis to begin choosing songs that it thinks you will like. The “editors” at pandora have listened to thousands of albums, categorized their content by assigning attributes based on the sounds, and put it all in a database. So, if you start off by entering Tiny Tim as your favorite artist, presumably you’d get a stream full of artists who sing falsetto, or play ukelele, or both. [note to self: create Tiny Tim-based pandora station and see what happens]

To top it off, the virtual stations you create can be shared with others! I now submit for your listening pleasure my first pandora-station: <a target=“_blank” href =“”>rock bastard. It gave <a target=“_blank” href =“”>James a headache; hopefully you’re made of harder stuff.